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~^~Crimson Steel's Lair~^~

A little about me

medieval work pics
A little about me
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This is the section of my website that is all about me (The current picture below is me with my guitar and "powertour" hookup thanks to the brilliant minds of me and Curkie)



I was born here in Liverpool, this is also where i've been living all of my life. Its been quite a boring life because this town mostly sucks. This town has nothing to do AT ALL. Maybe sometime in the future this town will lose its boredome.


Things that I do on my free time include :

-playing guitar, i've been teaching myself with practising alot and I now can play some songs by my favorite bands. I got a new guitar for christmas ( 2005 ) it is a B.C.Rich KKW Warlock and it is fucking sweet !

-Blacksmithing, I am pretty good at making medieval swords, armour, also I can make other things with metal. I like to make metal things ! almost anything I see I try to make a metal version of it ( well actually I get the idea to do it then I usually draw designs of it first... Then i make it ! oh and trust my advice... A metal slice of bread is NOT ETIBLE ! )

- Listening to music is one of my most important activities. The music is something I need to live ! I like many MANY bands, and still my favorite is undecided... *sigh* I've been trying to find a favorite band but there is simply no hope of me finding one, too many awesome choices *



I know for a fact that I care more about my friends than I do myself. I'd do anything for my friends, also I would endure any amount of pain for my friends. As long as my friends are happy, then I am happy. If someone messes with my friends that person is messing with me and when I will offer my wrath unto those enemies