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~^~Crimson Steel's Lair~^~

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Hey there ! welcome to my site, my name is Mason, and my nickname is Ice. I made this website out of total boredome and simply because i like to be a little creative at times. Well scope around i hope you enjoy my site ^_^


,.~^Crimson Steel Lair - NEWS^~.,

~) Jun 02 / 2007 (~

~~PAGE CHANGE~~ "My poetry page has been removed due to my lack of updating to that page, so I have changed it into me Random Pictures page! this page includes just random pictures that are taken, enjoy!

~~PAGE UPDATES~~ "I've posted newly updated pictures, take a look!

this website has stuff about me and my friends. also i like to let people know about my hobbies such as music, and other things such as certain aspects of mythology, and medieval times.

I urge you to please not insult in my guestbook, if you do not like the site, then leave it and do not sign the guestbook ( but if you simply MUST insult, please have the balls ( or ovaries ) to state your name when you insult, nothing is more cowardly than someone who tells someone off and not say who you are. its quite simple, not very much extra to type

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