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Welcome to my friends page, this is where you can find out a little bit about my friends. and please if I forgot anyone let me know and i'll get you on here ASAP



Matt - Matthew Conrad is my older brother, he is a PAIN IN THE ASS ! just kidding, thats just my sibling rivallry talking. He is awesome to hang out with. He has a metal emporium on his computer containing well over fourteen thousand songs the last time i checked ( w00t ). Matt is the one who got me into metal music in the first place. It happened one day I was listening to some sort of shit music that I used to listen to a long time ago. Then Matt came down and said "listen to this" and when I did... I thaught " holy fuck this rules !! what the hell have I been wasting my ears on !?" I thank Matt for getting me into metal music. WOOOOOH !!! Matt is the kinda guy that'll tel lyou like it is, none of that sugar coating bullshit.
Matt is oober cool! \m/ ">_<" \m/

Jenn - Jennifer Cosby is my brothers girlfriend, she is funny at times but rather odd ( she fits in at this house well ). She is good to talk to about Japan and magic/curses and outfits, trust me... she rants about clothing. And HOLY FUCK ! She has baking sprees once in a while lol... she made a " chocolate chip cookie cake " the main part of the cake was a massive cookie... then frosting on top... talk about orgasmic *drools* lol Rock on Jenn, Rock on

Cory - Cory Wambolt is my cousin, he lives next door to me for the time being, he is in grade 7 and he is an awesome little guy. He became i ninsane Iron Maiden fan, though I know that his parents dislike me for "getting him into that stuff" haha. Cory has a drumset and he uis actually getting betteer at it since he's been practising. man Cory your awesome

Miranda - Miranda Johnson is a really good friend of mine, I consider her to be like a sister to me, and I am a brother to her. She likes metal, and she loves her anime, J-rock, and putting make-up on people... me being one of them haha..ha... okay laugh if ya want. Oh well, why not try something new eh? Sometimes sis can have a mean temper and angry thoughts and voices in her head and these inside feelings that make her feel like she wants to kill someone in a horribly torturous way and laugh while doing it... See, me and her can pass as brother and sister ^_^ haha. Miranda, your awesome


Kain - Kain Clattenburg has been my friend for many years, we've been through alot together, good times man. Anyways, Kain is a character if ya ever seen one, you can never tell who he really is since his mind works like a winamp shuffle program :P RANDOM! Lately i've been worried about him, because he seems to be ashamed of music that he likes, though he won't admit it. He says he loves metal, but he listened to 50 cent for a while. He tells me that he hates him but I don't believe that lol. Hopefully soon i get into another maniac phase so me and him can sword fight with real blades again, I think i'd have to complete my sparring swords first that way we get the feel for it again.

Currie - Currie Wambolt, (whom we always call Curkie haha) is an exceptionally awesome guy, he is going to be the bassist in the band, and he's actually really good too. Currie listens to and plays the same bands that I do, mostly anyways :P. He's got a girlfriend now! WOOOH ! her name is Krista, way to go Curkie, way to go. You rock man!

Chase - Chase is a pretty cool guy wit h a nice sword and a wicked coat. He is into the dark arts, and funny songs. He is a great guy to talk to, originally from Saskatchewan, to think someone that far away from Liverpool would come HERE? He is a blast to hang out with, especially when talking about Halloween pranks and "spooky stuff" lol you rock man

Tyler - Tyler Jones (AKA Jonsie)is an ACDC maniac, which is good. He owns a Gibson SG ! That guitar is so awesome, I just want to take it and unzip my pants and just f... sorry, I got a bit carried away there :P lol Tyler is an awesome guy to hang out with, also he got a newer guitar known as the "B.C.Rich Mockingbird"... also orgasmic.. He is a great guitarist and I hope he still wants to be in the band, though our tastes may not quite apply to him. To Tyler "We Rock Tonight"

Mark - Mark Henderson is a good friend of mine who has already graduated (lucky bastard lol) He is very into torture and blood and death, anything horrorish haha. Mark's fetish with horror movies has built him a collection of horror movie classics, the good ones, not the shitty remakes. He's lives in Alberta now and is working on the oil rigs, his main plans as far as I know was to go to film school to become a horror movie creator. That job would suit him well. Keep 'em dead and bloody man

Branden - Branden Neilson is someone i'm not very familiar with yet, but I know he loves RPG's and evil things... I like hi malready haha. He is a cool dude t ochat to, he's od sometimes though, but who do I know that isn't odd ? exactly haha. I hope to get to know him better and if he reads this I know for sure he's going to make a homo comment like "oh you'll get to know me ALOT better" then he'll do some sexual gesture... freaky shit.

Ryan - Ryan Hyson has been my friend for quite a long time, me and him both like big swords, and I mean BIG swords! he's been trying to get into playing the drums, but I feel he does not practise enough, get practising ya lazy bastard! haha i'm just kidding on that mean saying, but I really think he should practise his drums, it'll get his frustrations out. Ryan goes out with my friend Toni Dagley, and they make a cute couple XD haha. Go Ryan!

Jon - Jon is a guy from bridgewater and he is really cool. He's a metal head medieval junkie just like me ! :D not many of them around haha. Along with Jon's metal passion comes his great respect and responsability. Man Jon miss ya here in Liverpool :P swing by some time!

Nathan - Nathan ( N-Rawk ) is a really cool guy as well. He is an anime freak :P like me, which is cool because I can chat to him about anime shows that most people never even seen. So far he's the only black guy I am friends with, there aren't many in the town, his skin colour doesn't matter, neither does anyone elses. Nathan is Nathan, Rock On N-Rawk !

Michael - Michael Koppernaes is a guy that I met in about grade 7 or 8 I think, not totally sure, but he's a wicked Final Fantasy / RPG fan, he's cool like that. me and him used to duel in the Magic the Gathering card game, kind of a nerd ything to do but hey, it was pretty cool and it made ya think which makes it challenging. Mike is prettu cool

Oompa - Oompa is a midget from a place where wild people come from... you think I know ??? your guess is as good as mine haha. He's little but old, I believe he'll live longer than any of us, since he is 16 and only looks like he is 8. Oompa's real name is Chris, but why call him that ? nicknames are so much more original ^_^


Christina - Christina Clattenburg (AKA Tina) has been my friend for many years, I can talk to her about anything and everything. Tina means alot to me because shes helped me through hard times, and I hope that I've helped her through her hard times as well. She has a wide range of music (that sadly includes rap) but shes still awesome. Tina your the best!

Jess - Jessica Jaques/Longboat (not sure what her last name is anymore, her old site confused me) is my friend from Ontario. She writes dark poetry and she also draws pretty good. Me and her talk alot, she is a really kind person and I only wish there were more people in the world like her. Her understanding, patience and good listening skills, she is one hell of a helpful person. And she knows that she is a close friend of mine.

Sara - Sara Dillon is my friend from London, Ontario. She is so fun to chat with, because she is outgoing and can joke about almost anything! I'm not sure if she still is, but she used to play the drums, she likes punk rockish / emo music which isn't nearly as horrible as rap, but still not my preferrance. Sara, your great!

Toni - Toni Dagley has been my friend for many years, I've known her since kindergarten actually lol. she's into playing video games and is thinking of getting back into playing guitar (I hope anyways lol)

Jay - Jennifer Haigh is another friend of mine from Ontario, i've known her for quite a while now and she is a kind and understanding person. She's one of those people that seem impossible to be mean to, unless your a true breed asshole. Jay your great and I hope we get to hang out some day.

Jackie - Jackie is a friend of mine from school, me and her really started talking more when me and her were in Production Technology class together. At first I was shy like I usually am towards practically new people. But me and her built up a friendship eventually. She graduated in June of 2006, I miss her a lot, and I miss her dog Diesal ( i hope I spelled his name right haha ) Jackie I hope we see eachother again sometime soon, I miss talking with you.

Miranda - Miranda Keenan is another friend of mine from Ontario, me and her used to have great conversations and lots of laughs but lately since things have been busy I don't get much chance to chat to her anymore. She came to Liverpool with her grandparents for the summer and I was more excited than lottery ticket winner lol. Me and her only got to hang out twice sadly :( once at a movie (which was Superman returns) and the night before she left. I took her some of my birthday cake and we chatted for a while. I really wished she could have stayed in Liverpool but she has her family and everything else in Ontario, I miss you Miranda, I look forward to us hanging out sometime in the future.

Kylie - Kylie Kenny is another friend from Ontario, Kylie is also very kind and understanding. She does this evil look that is just soo fucking awesome ! It is seriously awesome, she looks like a half demon with that look... awesome stuff indeed.

Karen - Karen Leblanc is a good person to get to know. She is quite kind to people even if she had just met them and doesn't know them that well... She showed me kindness when I first met her, also she gave me words of encouragement on my guitar skill :) Karen is a very trustworthy friend. But there is a wild side to her... Beware and DO NOT PISS HER OFF! lol Your awesome Karen !

Mandi - Mandi Wonnacott is another friend from Ontario, she is friends with Sara Dillon, and thanks to Mandi I got to somewhat keep in touch with Sara when she moved to london. At first me and Mandi were kind of shy when we talked to eachother, but now me and her are good friends :) Mandi I hope you come to Liverpool like you said you might.

Roberta - Roberta Drover ( damn I hope thats your last name and how its spelled, I'm awful with last names ) has been my friend for a while, sadly she moved away when I was in grade 11 :(, and I miss her a lot. Roberta is going to be a great mother if you ask me, she is intelligent and has great morals, I hope to see you again sometime soon Roberta.

Vanessa - Vanessa Whynot is someone I haven't known for long, but shes pretty cool as well. She used to be violently tempered whe nshe went out with Lowell, but who wouldn't be angry while dating that ? lol. Anyways when ,me and her first met she didn't think she'd get along with me, but apparently me and my family were a riot lol. Anyways now me and her talk once in a while and shes really nice.

Haley - Haley Whynot is a pretty cool girl, though at times she's slow but in any case she can be hilarious. She says she has a penis... which worries me, but as far as I'm guessing, its just a joke haha. Anyways she usually speaks her mind too, which is a good thing now-a-days.

Krista - Krista is someone who I haven't been well aquanted with for a long time, but she is cool. She goes out with Curkie and for that I respect her already, she witnessed hyper at my house which amazingly didn't have her screaming and running out of the door haha. She actually cracked up with us, it was great lol.

Kim - Kim Risser is someone who I haven't known for very long, but shes actually quite nice. She is the older sister of Kain's girlfriend Emmie. Kim has helped me out in Geology and art class when I missed time, damn i'd be lost in class without her lol. She's fun to talk to because she shares our views on things, I find she's easy to get along with as long as your not an ass or complete idiot.

Emilie - Emilie Russel (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) is Kain's girlfriend, i've known her for not that long but she is pretty awesome... though stubborn lol. She's quite nice to me and others and she understand people. Kain and her make a cute couple and I hope they stay together, because you know "good 'ol Liverpool" there's always rumours floatin around... Damn I hate this town lol.

Jessie - I've known Jessie Macdonald since grade 9, me, her, sis, and a couple other people used to hang out at lunch time, and now that she is at the highschool we hang out sometimes. She's quite energetic and overreacts to little things that normal people do not do lol, don't ask, its a thing that all of the people I hang out with have.

Rachel - Rachel Lowe is a girl that has been Toni's friend for years, it has only been until recently that me and Rachel actually talked like friends since I didn't know her that well and rumour times. But now shes alright, though she is into a predicament. If Rachel gets mad at me for saying this i'm sorry, but its hard to not notice now. But Rachel... Is going to be a mother, and i'm glad that she's not like some people who get knocked up before their out of school and toss their newborn into a dumpster. She's actually taking responsability for her actions, Rachel, good luck being a mother :)